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Über mich - Ingeborg Flieder

My interest in movement and spirituality led me as a child to dance as well as to meditative Christian events. I later discovered yoga, eutonia, and zen meditation. In 1984, a colleague described Tai Chi Chuan to me with the words “this is something between yoga and dance”. I went and stayed – until today.

Development and change

In my studies, in youth work and later in the implementation of training courses and seminars in various organizations and companies, it was always about personal development. Seeing development and change through physical and mental practice among my Tai Chi students fills me with deep joy and gives my life a meaning.

Through frequent moving to different cities and long trips, I learned early on to find myself in new situations, to make new contacts, and to develop tolerance for different lifestyles. This flexibility gives me the freedom to shape my life.


At the age of 20, a doctor predicted to me: “With their scoliosis and Scheuermann, they are in a wheelchair at 35. Do not drive a car and walk on the forest floor”. – That was not possible for me! Tai Chi makes me more agile, more trained, more persistent, and less painful than when I was 20.


“Wishes come true if you focus your attention on them”. I was able to train and strengthen the strength of the mind and the concentration by practicing Tai Chi Chuan. Meditation and repeated practicing of the Tai Chi form and Qigong have also focused my restless mind on the essentials.

Values of my life

In Tai Chi Chuan I see the values of my life implemented: my need for development and change, for contact and lightness as well as my desire for movement and spiritual development.

I invite all my students to continue to accompany me on this path and to learn from the secrets of Tai Chi Chuan and to use them for themselves. This way we stay healthy and feel connected to the energies of life.

My career



Acquisition of the title “social worker”, human resource developer, BGM


since 1984

Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, meditation

since 1984


Teacher examination

first teacher examination with Master K.H.Chu

Annual exams

Annual exams in the specialization levels since 1996

Mai 2009

Qigong contact studies

Qigong Contact Studies at the University of Oldenburg, class 28

Mai 2009


Tai Chi goes Greece
Online- curses via Zoom

During the lockdown, we offer virtual training sessions via zoom and (if permitted) individual lessons.